For Parishioners

If you’re part of a parish that you know could benefit from an updated website or a digital marketing strategy, we can help.

Unless you’re on staff, you may not feel like you have the ability to speak into decisions about your church’s online presence. But maybe you have the vision for where your church could be. You see the impact your church could have on your community through online activity.

Choose Life Churches exists to help your church understand the importance of being online, and we can help you talk with your pastor about the need for marketing.

Church Digital Marketing Solutions

The internet provides a digital means to an incarnational end. It can’t and shouldn’t replace in-person relationships, but it can help accelerate and grow those relationships.

Smart, strategic marketing allows your church to reach into spaces where people feel isolated and alone and shine Christ’s light in that darkness. We offer digital marketing plans and consulting services to help pastors understand the potential for gospel impact online marketing has.

Equipping Pastors, Equipping Parishioners

Marketing is often seen as a purely secular or business endeavor. However, it holds powerful opportunity for churches to impact their communities.

By showing up online where people already spend time, you have the opportunity for greater influence. When people are hurting or complacent, they may not walk through the doors of a church. But a strategic digital marketing strategy allows your church to show up for them without them having to leave their homes.

In this way, marketing online offers opportunities for greater gospel touch points and connection.

We’d love to talk with you and your pastor about how we can help you impact your community for Christ. Please contact us to learn more about our mission and how we can help you fulfill your mission today!