Social Media Marketing

Church Social Media Marketing Services

Your mission is the spiritual development of your members. Our mission is to help you reach this generation and the next beyond Sunday with tried and true social media strategies.

Increasing Your Church’s Online Marketing

Did you know Americans spend an average screen time of 5.4 hours on their mobile phones daily? Your church needs to connect with them while they’re scrolling, posting, and watching. Here are a few tips on how to begin.

Identify Your Social Media Audience

If your church is hesitating to jump into social media because of too many platforms, we have good news. You only need to be on two or three. Different people use different sites, so pick the ones your target market spends time on. Do some research on demographics. Each platform has its own unique set of users. Our digital communication strategists have already investigated them for you. We regularly track trends, demographics, and usage on every social media platform.

Define Your Social Media Goals

Spend time crafting your short-term and long-term goals before you invest more time with social media. Define your key objectives, set your expectations, and specify who you are trying to reach with each campaign. Don’t focus on “vanity metrics.” Likes are nice but did that post actually bring visitors to your church? At Choose Life Churches, we provide marketing for churches through digital communication strategies grounded in research and biblical values.

Understand Each Platform

Research each major social media platform to understand how they operate differently from one another. Every platform has added features to aid your church in gaining followers. For instance, familiarize yourself with Facebook live for webinars, sign-up forms for events, creating groups, and even the appointment calendar. Use relevant hashtags on Instagram and Twitter. Don’t be concerned, though; we can take the stress out of social media planning.

Engage Your Audience

Social media is designed to be…social. It’s the place where you can actively engage with your parishioners online. By doing so, you create connections and build relationships with them throughout the week. Remember, it’s not how big your audience is; it’s how engaged they are with you. Encourage feedback and conversations. Respond to messages or questions, post videos, and invite shares. With a regular social media schedule, you can be a beacon of hope to your parishioners through social engagement.

Choose a Qualified and Experienced Team

Choose Life Churches exists to provide the very best marketing services and strategies to churches worldwide. Through strategic, data-driven social media marketing, we deliver a message of hope and truth. Our digital communication team’s ultimate goal is to equip churches and local communities to shine as bright lights for Christ. Learn more about the services we offer to take your marketing strategy to the next level.