Marketing Consulting & Training

Does your parish need help creating a vision? Or, need help executing a marketing plan to reach your community and beyond? Choose Life Churches can help. We host online and in-person marketing consulting and training to set your team up for success in the coming year. We create a playbook with your vision, brand, and goals and then work with your team to execute it!

A Marketing Plan to Bring Your Vision to Life

Our team at Choose Life Churches is here to bring your vision to life. We want to help you with everything you need to know to get your church services online and reach your community through digital marketing.

To get the best results possible, our team of experts invites you into the process to get a clearer vision of who you are as a church. Once we have a good idea of your goals, we create a clear marketing plan to get started. We use marketing tools such as social media, SEO, digital marketing, and website design to bring your vision to life. With the right marketing strategy set in place, we can develop a plan of action that helps people in your community find your church for discipleship.

Online & In-Person Trainings

Our team of experts hosts online and in-person training to set your team up for success. With interactive exercises, you can become more confident about digital marketing, adjusting your strategy, and learning about the benefits of online marketing for your church.

We’re passionate about the light of Christ shining brightly and believe marketing can help. Sign up for our Choose Life Churches newsletter to get involved with our online & in-person training!

Marketing Consulting

Are you stuck and need help coming up with a marketing strategy, or maybe you don’t even know where to begin with the online world? Our marketing team can help! We create detailed marketing plans, help you develop a clear message, and determine the right marketing strategy for your unique target audience. Let our team help so you can focus on equipping the church.

Learn more about our services & contact us today. We would love to partner with you to continue sharing the love of Christ and reach people around the world.