For Pastors

If you’re a pastor at a local parish, you likely wear many hats. Counselor, pastor, confessor, and leader of the day-to-day functions of your church are all responsibilities you carry on a daily basis.

You know people in your community need the light of Christ. Finding them can be a challenge, especially in an increasingly disconnected world.

Digital marketing is a way to cut through the noise and reach people who disconnected from the Church. If the thought of adding “marketer” to you list of daily activities isn’t appealing, we get it. That’s why we exist.

Choose Life Churches was established to help you. We know the many responsibilities of your parish keep you busy, and we’re here to take “marketing” off your plate.

Digital Solutions

We offer digital marketing solutions to help you reach more people without sacrificing time you need to spend on other responsibilities.

Social Media

Maybe you think social media is part of the problem of disconnection and want nothing to do with it. Perhaps you don’t have time to manage your personal account and can’t imagine taking on another account.

What if social media was part of the solution? What if you could reach people where they already spend time and share God’s love with them?

Social media is a communication tool. When used effectively, it can be a conduit of light and hope in your community. We can help you construct and execute strategies to do just that.

Search Engine Optimization

When people search for churches online, does yours show up?

Search engine optimization allows you to appear in local searches for people who need a local parish to be part of. Through written content on your site, an active blog, internal and external links, and posts to a Google My Business profile, you can expand your church’s presence in organic search results.

Our SEO strategists will create a monthly content strategy to keep your website fresh and inviting so more people in your community can find you.

Website Design

Like the cover of a book, you can’t always judge a church by its website. But like a cover of a book, an inviting website will draw people in.

Websites should be updated every 3-5 years to stay relevant and eye-catching. When was the last time yours was updated?

Our web developers and graphic designers can help you reimagine a beautiful website to communicate who you are and how you’re present in your community. This, combined with updated website copy, will help draw people to your parish and strengthen your church community.

Marketing Solutions for Your Parish

If you’re ready to explore what a revamped marketing strategy can do for your church, we’d love to chat! We exist to bridge the gap between tradition and technology so you can reach beyond Sunday and capture the hearts and minds of people for Christ.